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The STITech Inc. Site provides many helpful functions that are only available to registered users. To access these functions, you must Logon to the Site by entering your STITech SiteCode, Name and Password. Please review the following information to receive your initial password or to retrieve a forgotten password:

You know your SiteCode, defined name, and Password
Go to the Logon page. In the first form enter your SiteCode, Name, and Password. Click the "Logon" button.
You know your SiteCode and Name but not your Password
Go to the STITech Logon page. In the first form, enter your SiteCode, and Name. In the second form, enter your email address. Click the "Request Password" button. The Site will then email your Password to you. After retrieving your password, follow normal Logon procedures.
You are registered with STITech, but aren't sure you know your SiteCode, Name, or Password
If suspect that your SiteCode, Name, and email address are on file with STITech, follow the instructions under "You know your SiteCode and Name but not your Password ". If you do not receive your password, follow the instructions below.
You are not registered as a STITech Inc. User
Go to the Logon: Register page and register with STITech - we look forward to welcoming you aboard!
Password Advice!
Anyone who figures out your SiteCode, Name and Password combination can logon to the Site and interact with STITech Inc. as if they were you. For this reason, remember to logoff when you are done working in the secure Areas of the Site.
Set your Password carefully and protect it!